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The shop you are visiting is still the same as it was in 2001 and therefore a brief explanation of the ordering process: You place the items you want in the shopping cart and follow the instructions on the homepage - no "order subject to payment" is made via the homepage. triggered - after placing your order, you will receive an order confirmation from us - this contains the checked availability of the item(s) and the payment information (total order amount / invoice amount plus shipping costs and information on bank details or paypal) - with this e-mail the ordered items are reserved for you. If no payment is received within a reasonable period of time, we reserve the right to cancel the order. After receipt of the payment you will receive another e-mail about the dispatch of the order and the tracking number. The dispatch after receipt of payment usually takes place in 3-5 working days.

Therefore, please wait for the order confirmation by e-mail – there is no obligation to pay beforehand.

The final amount listed in the order confirmation plus the shipping costs is the invoice amount to be paid by bank transfer or PayPal (if the PayPal fees are paid by the buyer).

Important: The vinyls and CDs offered in the online shop are rarities, mostly out of print and therefore unique pieces - we check availability before confirming the order and confirm it in a separate e-mail - you will only receive it with this confirmation invoice amount to be paid.


Do you have a question? Then: Please contact me!

Thank you for your interest

Kind regards

Christian Hutmacher


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Dear music collectors,

the vinyls and CDs I offer are usually sought-after one-offs (rarities) that are no longer produced and are therefore OUT OF PRINT.
and therefore in an absolutely new condition and in this QUALITY
hard to find anywhere in the world.

All opened and/or played LPs & CDs are checked, listened to and fairly rated according to the official rating criteria (Goldmine Grading).
Open and/or played LPs will be professionally
record washing machine (VPI 17 or Nessie VinylCleaner Pro+).
and provided with a new antistatic inner sleeve.
If a mistake has been made, I take it for granted
Please note: It is no longer possible for the customer to return items that are in the “OVP – original sealed – factory sealed” condition once they have been opened – and procurement of a replacement is also excluded.


Explanations regarding the rating (further information: Goldmine Grading):

For example: M-/VG+ = 1st: quality of the record / 2nd: quality of the cover

OVP / SEALED = LP/CD is FACTORY SEALED in shrink-wrap or cellophane

NEW / NEVER PLAYED = LP/CD is open but not yet played = NEVER PLAYED / UNPLAYED

MINT / MINT = LP/CD is as NEW and does not show wear

M- / M- (NEAR MINT) = LP/CD has been played once or twice and shows minimum wear

VG / VG (VERY GOOD) = LP/CD shows wear but is in still good condition - Suffixes (++ / + / - / --) refer to the gradation and proximity to the next higher or lower grading (VG++ means that there is a closer proximity to M- than to VG)

DEMO-COPY: LP/CD is a Copy just for promotion - NOT FOR SALE - particularly very rare

OUT OF STOCK / SOLD OUT = Unfortunately, the LP and CD are no longer in my collection - a replacement is usually impossible

I hope that you will find one or the other audiophile rarity in my offer and I look forward to your order or inquiry.
If you have any questions, feel free to call me or send me an email.

Kind regards

Christian Hutmacher

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